2022 Longview Cobra League Champions 

2022 Standings - Final

Senior Division

1. Longview

2. Woodland

3. Castle Rock

4. Toutle

5. Kalama

6. Kelso

Junior Division

1. Woodland

2. Kelso

3. Castle Rock

4. Toutle

5. Wahkiakum

6. Kalama

Lower Columbia Programs

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Flag Football

Grades 1/2

Great way to get Kids to  start learning the sport of football.  

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Tackle Football

JV team is 3/4 grade

Varsity team 5/6 Grade

Heads up tackling taught and enforced throughout the league. 

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JV Cheer 1-4

Varsity Cheer 5-8

All kids are welcome to come cheer and have fun.